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I’m sure by now you know it can be really challenging for busy folks to have a healthy diet plan on a regular basis.

Time, of course, plays a huge factor.

Have you noticed how the lack of time spirals into
-Eating ready-made meals, which are usually high in fat, sugar and salt content.
-Eating out more often, especially fast food joints that specialize in nothing but foods lacking in nutrients the body needs.

An important fact to remember..
Eating healthy will actually make a person more productive at work.

Did you know that skipping breakfast can lead to diabetes and difficulty in shedding the fat?

These 5 ways are sure to transform even the busiest man on the planet to a healthy stud.

1- Always have Breakfast.
Funny it is the most skipped meal of the day, but it is the most important.
What makes a great, healthy breakfast?

Foods rich in fiber. These kinds of foods give you that fullness feeling for a longer period, thus reducing the tendency to snack.
Examples- whole grain cereal, whole oatmeal, fruits, and veggies.

Protein from eggs is known to also be a smart way to nutrify the body in the morning.
Avoid high sugar content and low fiber foods.. Doughnuts and pastries are culprits.

2- Plan ahead.
If you are a busy person, planning in advance to get things done is nothing new..right?
Imagine going into a crucial meeting without planning? Well, I can’t either.

Eating healthy requires the same planning.
Yes, in spite of different wacky schedules, it should be possible to set a little in the week to plan for meals.
Weekends could be a great time to prepare or plan meals and snacks.

You can also get your 7 day diet meal plan from relible online sources these days.

3- Keep Hydrated.
A healthy body requires adequate fluid.
Drink water frequently during the day. This flushes out toxins in the body.
Do NOT overdo the coffee intake. I know this could be a challenge..But believe in yourself that you can do it.
Don’t forget that fruit juices are often high in sugar and low in fiber. Avoid them if you can.

4- Eat Healthily at Restaurants

Eating out can be an obvious temptation but try.
A lot of menus now have the total calories for each meal that you can use as a guide. Some even have special weight loss diet menu

The simple fool proof rule to use in the absence of a guide..

– Meat should be grilled
– Potatoes mashed or boiled and
– veggies steamed
– Soup is excellent for entrees and fruits in place dessert.

5- Be cautious with alcohol
While an occasional glass of wine won’t do any harm, you should bear in mind that alcohol is just empty calories. Over indulgence can lead to a detrimental effect on health especially those who suffer from diabetes.

So, there you have it. Don’t let your health suffer because of a hectic and busy work schedule.
You can make this work with a little planning and think outside the box.

Remember..Health is Wealth.

Your Health Buddy,

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